Orchid & Narcose - The Bells / Onyx
Cat No: SofGDigi004
Released: 01 April 2005

Orchid & Narcose - The Bells / Onyx

1. The Bells
2. Onyx

After recently coming to the fore with releases on Silver Planet, Hope and Gravitation, Orchid and Narcose are leading the nu generation forward. This two track debut digital EP highlights their unique progressive sound which fuses compressed drum patterns with floaty melodies and crisp breaks. "The Bells" is a particularly outstanding track, well worth unleashing. "Oynx" features an alternative breakbeat approach, again distorted vocal samples and cosmic sweeps are on show - they are fast becoming Orchid and Narcose's trademark!!!

Massive support from Paul van Dyk for this release including 5 plays on his weekly radio.

The Bells