Sterio & McGrath vs. Section 75 - Illusion
Cat No: SofGDigi012
Released: 01 February 2006

Sterio & McGrath vs. Section 75 - Illusion

1. Illusion (Lynx Remix)
2. Illusion (Nicholas Bennison Remix)
3. Illusion (Everydaydowners Remix)

Second up on our opening salvo for 2006, we have the long awaited new release from Sterio & McGrath as they team up with Section 75 to provide "Illusion"….Already progressive tune of the month for January 06 in M8 Magazine, this release features a fine array of mixes, showcasing the best of progressive house.

Lynx's mix features some awesome atmospherics, Nicholas Bennison gives the track some real drive, whilst the Everydaydowners mix is a fine hybrid of the two…..enjoy!!!!

Support from Paul van Dyk on this release.....